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Faux Finishes Atlanta


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A simple raised texture adds an architectural flair
Metallics are hot hot hot! Nothing compares to the sheer elegance and earthly beauty of a mixed metallic finish. With exceptional light quality, these finishes seem to change colors right before your eyes. Wonderful in low lamplight and filtered daylight, they create a shimmering glowing effect in any room. Great for Tray ceilings, powder rooms and dining areas! Faux Finishes Atlanta. 404-294-5549
Faux Finishes Atlanta
Golden opal wash adds life to this single color

Faux Finishes Metallic Collection

corner Faux Finishes Atlanta
.......in low light it has an earthy glow
metallic Faux Finishes Atlanta This breathtaking dining room gives history to a new house
metallic Faux Finishes Atlanta This close up shows how much variation in color metallic paints can provide ->


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Faux Finishes:

Metallic Finishes:(this page)


Washes and Blends:

Designer Finishes:

Faux finishes Atlanta

layers Faux Finishes Atlanta Metallics, layers and textures create an elegant "wallpaper" look for this two story foyer
bathroom Faux Finishes Atlanta This bath could've been dark and dreary - but now it shines like a new penny
opal Faux Finishes Atlanta
Add elegance with a shimmering opal
light Faux Finishes Atlanta
These two pictures show how different light effects how you see the room
golds Faux Finishes Atlanta
Here it is at a different time of day


textured walls copper Faux Finishes Atlanta

Add texture to copper and get an amazing hot new look

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Faux Finishes Atlanta
What is Faux Finishes: When you manipulate paint with different techniques to make it appear like something else, like wood, marble, stone, leather, metal….The name Faux means fake in French.
Today most faux finishes are made by using Glaze. It is a mixture of translucent paint and glaze added on with multiple layers. Even if it looks 3 dimensional, it is actually smooth to the touch.
There are other finishes made with plaster that can give a textured look and feel.
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