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Imagine the impact you can create with a new custom finish. Whatever you dream up -we CAN make it happen! Faux Finish Atlanta < Visit our sister site and see DOZENS of new Pictures of Faux finishes and Murals

gold leaf Faux Finish Atlanta

What do you want your home or business to say about you?

Faux Finish Atlanta
stamping Faux Finish Atlanta
This new house gets old world charm, vaulted ceilings and all! The elegant golds, terra cotta and purple warm up this large, light-filled space.
A Gold Leaf ceiling with a multi- layered ruby texture makes this formal dining room sparkle.

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Let me create a unique look for your home or business.

Faux Finish Atlanta image Simple stamping in gold and pearl paint creates a wonderful pattern without being overwhelming.
 faux finish ceiling diamond Faux Finish Atlanta
colorful Faux Finish Atlanta
Here is a simple mural patterned after a Quilt that the client loved.

This ceiling takes an elegant diamond pattern, edges it with gold leaf and makes an incredibly elegant statement. The best part is that you see this room immediately to the left as you enter the front door.

Even kids love a colorful finish!

Color Coaching is guaranteed to save you time, money and many headaches!

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I genuinely enjoy developing a relationship where we create an environment that uplifts, enhances and expresses your unique personal style.
Faux finish Atlanta

Can't visualize what a Faux Finish will look like in your room?


Many finishes start as an idea - a swatch of cloth, a favorite texture, photos from magazines or themes from nature.

Call or write today to explore what finish will make your home dazzle!


To make a wall look old when it is new, rough when it is smooth, look like old leather or pound copper or any other metal when it is not, that is what is called a Faux Finish. (It means false in French and is pronounced foh)
When you add dimension and “drama” to a regular plain wall you will get a lot of effect!
Faux finish Atlanta

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