Faux Painting Samples - These are just a few of the many finishes available for the discriminating designer. I hope this will give you some new ideas on what is possible with just some paint and plaster.

Visit our sister site ( www.fauxpaintingatlanta.com ) where we have posted over 2000 images of work we have done and DOZENS of new designer sample boards.

All finishes can be custom colored so you can provide a truly unique look for your next project. I enjoy creating new finishes and collaborating with design professionals and my clients.

by Jan Riley

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 metallic faux painting crackled bronze leather

Faux painting samples golden tuscan rub

 metallic paint finishes
weathered copper patina
metallic faux finish delicious waxes
 metallic faux finishes bronzed antique copper
 faux painting pictures executive red with silver
 faux metallic finishes warm rusty gold
 metallic wall finishes glowing ruby jewel
 faux finish samples metallic sedona sunset
faux finishes pictures warmly lit firelight
 faux painting examples texture over copper
 faux finish images french country richness
faux leaves embedded history
leaf mural fossilized ferns
 faux paint samples king midas and his gold
 metallic paint finishes wall silvered penny
 faux finish pictures green venitian plaster
 faux painting color combinations venitian plaster & gold wax
faux finishes samples charred stucco
faux leaves shimmering ferns
 wall painting designs mixed metallic rags
 marble painting volcano marble
 faux marble red stone
faux leaves falling leaves
climbing antiquity
blue over silver crackle faux finish neon blue crackle
 red over silver crackle faux finish fire-engine crackle
blue over interference crackle faux finish indigo interference crackle
copper crackle faux finish broken earth crackle
copper terra cotta faux finish dusty roads crackle
 silver faux finish bronze charcoal crackle
 gold leaf crackle faux finish green over gold crackle
 faux finishes painting whispy opal wash
 paint faux finish raised stencil silvered
 faux painting finishes subtle details in stucco
 faux painting designs antique bronze
 faux finishing painting shimmering wine
 faux marble painting autumn wool
 faux finish walls
golden day
 faux finish wall
opal rain
 faux finishes walls
let it rain
 wall faux finishes
bathed in light
 color washing butter swirl

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