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Children naturally love color, texture and creating their own environment. Remember putting a blanket over two chairs? You had an instant fort or castle or cave or tent ... and you could spend hours in your own little world. Kids don't care if everything in their rooms match - the only thing that really matters is if it reflects their personality and that it is not boring! Nothing stimulates more interest to a child than a mural, because they always look at it through the eyes of their imagination. Now ...can you imagine how:
  • Colors naturally stimulate and calm your baby
  • a Mural will spark imagination & creativity in your young children
  • Creating a cool retro look just fits your pre teens passion for cars
  • a Colorful hip faux finish & some wild art prints can excite even a moody teen.

Here are some examples of FUN ideas for children of any age! Kids love having a room that is truly their own, and murals make it easy! Murals will transform any room into an extraordinary place that they can call their own. I specialize in designs that grow along with your family. I want every child to have a special place to call their own.

Create an inspiring environment for your child that grows with them!

childrens wall art
... a fairy tale land filled with flowers

 Imagine your child's room:

  • as an underwater journey
  • an island treehouse
  • a circus with dancing animals
 children murals

 children wall murals

.....floating in clouds.

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......as exciting as the Wild West


 tropical wall murals
 kids room decor  kids bedroom ideas
.......a castle fit for a Princess or a Knight
 black and white wall murals
A vintage scene
Childrens murals

golf art
Golf - turn of the century

>Attention Parents <

Painting is the most affordable way to create a complete environment for the child in your life. Nothing stimulates creativity like a mural! An added bonus is it's durabilty in high traffic areas like children's bathrooms playrooms and hallways.
Apply a coat of latex varnish (which dries crystal clear with low odor) and any faux finish or
mural can be easily washed for many years of no- worry wear!

Childrens wall art
 kids room decorating ideas

Murals make GREAT GIFTS!

Need a special gift for a baby shower, birthday,baptism, graduation or any other holiday?

Consider giving a personalized Mural!

Call today and we will create a space as unique as the child in your life.

Jan Riley 404 294 5549

Jan Riley

404 294 5549


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